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Spinnerets are very important in spinning processing. ASI Automatic Spinneret Inspection System can do a detailed inspection for spinneret capillaries "hole-by-hole" automatically.

Main function:
1. Clog inspection:

    detection of dirt or deformation for capillary.
2. Fast-scan mode inspection:

    up to 0.1 sec per capillary for spinnerets with thousands of capillaries.
3. Wear inspection:

    detection of wear for capillary.
4. High-pressure air cleaning:

    automatic cleaning for capillaries that didn't pass inspection.
5. History report:

    PDF for human reading and CSV for big data analysis. 

1. Inspect up to 40pc of spinnerets at once.
2. Inspection speed up to 0.3~0.7 seconds per capillary.
3. Quantify the inspection data to reduce the deviation caused by the human eye.
4. Fully customizable


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