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ASI automatic spinnerets inspection system

Automatic Spinneret Inspection System

automatic inspection, cleaning, and export inspection report

Why do you need an automatic spinneret inspection system?

In today's textile industry, consumer demands higher quality products. 
This drives a keen focus on fiber quality for manufacturers. Among various factors, the cleanliness of spinnerets plays a crucial role, directly impacting issues like yarn breakage, strength, shape, and uniformity. 
Consequently, leading fiber producers are actively exploring innovative solutions for spinneret inspection.

ASI is proud to introduce a groundbreaking solution – a fully automated inspection system designed for spinnerets assessment. ASI Automatic Spinneret Inspection System conducts comprehensive inspections and generates digitized inspection reports full automatically.  
Management can conveniently review PDF reports in their offices, getting all the information about the cleanliness of spinnerets. 

With over 800 systems sold worldwide, ASI Automatic Spinneret Inspection System has garnered a reputation for stability and has earned the trust of our customers. It has become an indispensable tool for fiber manufacturers seeking to ensure the highest quality standards in their production processes.

Advantages of ASI Automatic Spinneret Inspection System

​Fully automatic

​No labor is required after preparation

ASI Automatic Spinneret Inspection has the functions of automatic detection, automatic air cleaning, and indication marks for NG capillaries. One-click for Inspection.
No staff is required, saving labor costs.


ASI Automatic Spinneret Inspection is easy to operate, everyone can operate after 8 hours of training, and the inspection work can be arranged without a senior operator.

Automatically generate inspection reports, draw the Data trend graph, and export inspection data for Big data analysis and process development.


The efficiency of the inspection avoids any delay, and there is no need for sampling detection under time pressure.

Inspect all the capillaries one by one without any omission.

There is also a fast-scan mode, up to 0.1 sec/capillary.

Fully Customized​

Suitable for all types of spinnerets

Spinnerets of any size.

Spinnerets of any shapes include rectangles, circles, flakes, etc.

Spinnerets with capillaries up to tens of thousands.

ASI automatic spinnerets inspection system

Developing on and on

Continuous development of advanced features

Develop functions such as auto marking, high-pressure air cleaning, wear detection, auto needle cleaning, capillary inner scanning, fast-scan inspection, laser indication and etc. And the first to support carbon fiber board testing.

We listen to customer needs and continue to improve functionality.

One-Piece All-Steel Mechanism

The all-steel mechanism with the mechanism error of only tens of microns. The one-piece all-steel structure will not deform even if it is shaken for years. Non-aluminum extrusion mechanism assembly can be comparable.

​The strength of the aluminum mechanism is much lower steel structure, and it is easy to cause slight deviations due to long-term stress. Which is extremely unfavorable for the system that requires high precision.

Maintenance will be cumbersome and the lifespan is shorter for aluminum mechanisms.

​Express Service

​Service within 24 hours

ASI has service bases in Taiwan, Shanghai, India and other places.

If the instrument is abnormal, we can remote service immediately.

There are also default backups and weekly backups. Computer problems can also be quickly recovered.

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