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Clog Inspection

Inspect if the capillaries are clean after the cleaning process. Also, detect the tilted wall and capillaries deformation no matter it's a circle or non-circular capillary. Avoid the decrease in production and yield rate

Non-circular Inspection

Compared with round capillaries, non-circular capillaries are complex and difficult to calculate. Parameters such as diameter and roundness cannot be used for detection. The algorithm of ASI Automatic Spinneret Inspection can solve the problem.

non circle spinneret inspect

Fast-scan Inspection

ASI Automatic Spinneret Inspection has a fast-scan mode of rings, strips, and blocks. The inspection speed is several times of hole-by-hole (Fastest 0.1sec per capillary). If the capillaries are dense and the number is large, using this mode can greatly reduce the detection time.

High-pressure Air Cleaning

ASI Automatic Spinneret Inspection can connect to high-pressure air to clean the dirty capillary according to the inspection results. Remove the materials that are not completely attached to the wall. If the adhesion of the wall is not serious, there is no need to re-pyrolysis or cleaning again.

spinneret inspect
spinneret capillary dirt

Wear Detection

The chamfer of the capillary greatly affects the fiber breakage rate. As the spinneret usage time increases, the capillary will gradually wear out, making the chamfer increase.

ASi spinneret inspection report

Auto Marking System

Auto Marking System can mark the NG capillaries after the inspection. Even the spinnerets take off from the machine, the marked capillary can still be found. 

ASI spinneret marking

Laser Indication

Laser indication is a very practical function, which can point to any specified capillary. If you need to mark the position of the capillary or clean with the fine needle. The red laser will point to the capillary, and the screen will display the real-time image of the capillary at the same time. The user can observe the needle clearing by facing the screen.

ASI automatic spinneret inspection system - laser guide

Historical review 

Our machine includes a historical review system, which can review past inspection records, draw charts, and intuitively check the impact of process changes on spinnerets. It's A powerful tool for process development.

ASi spinneret inspect chart

If you need to archive the inspection data, you can use the report generation function, which can generate a PDF containing inspection images for personnel to view or a CSV file of raw data for big data analysis.

ASi spinneret inspect report

Automatic backup

ASI Automatic Spinneret Inspection System will backup every Monday. If there are any misadjusted, you can immediately restore the old settings. If a serious system abnormality occurs, it can be repaired by the backup.

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