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​Clog Inspection

Assist the user in the inspection of the spinneret after the cleaning process. 

Avoiding the spinneret capillaries that didn't clean properly.

Detect if the spinneret capillaries are blocked and deformation or not. These may cause a decrease in production and yield rate.

spinneret cleaning

spinneret capillary with dirt

  dirt in depth


dirt in depth

At the same time, this function can also be used as factory-entry quality detection for new spinnerets and prevent bad spinnerets from entering the production process.

The main test such as

  • ​distribution of capillaries 

  • capillary's area

  • capillary's shape

  • capillary roundness

  • capillary diameter

  • capillary's wall is tilted or not

spinneret dirt

capillary wall tilted

spinneret capillary

capillary deformation

spinneret capillary tilt

capillary wall tilted

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